Pont des Arts – Paris: the definitive end of Street Art to the padlock mode…

This may 31, 2015 was the last day for surveying the Pont des Arts in Paris while enjoying thousands of padlocks left by tourists and lovers from around the world. It was a form of Street Art by a very large number of people for the most part even not knowing the concept of Street Art!

The overall weight of the lock had become too dangerous and the city of Paris has decide to put a definitive end to this mode by closing the bridge may 31 at midnight to begin conversion of the bridge work.

We were on-site a few hours before the final closure to take some historic shots of the last visible locks around plank of wood covered with graffiti filed by the city.

The atmosphere is heavy, sellers of illegal lock living this business for many years know their last day of work… Raining on this sad day for lovers of this bridge very atypical witness of the love of thousands of couples.

We propose you some shots taken by our care… waiting to discover how they will transform the Pont des Arts! Let's just hope that it retains its name and that it is under the sign of the Art, the most beautiful Art Street art! 😉

Pont des Arts - Street Art
Pont des Arts – Paris – May 31, 2015
End of street art on the pont des arts
Last padlock… the end of a kind of Street art…
end of the pont des arts
A few hours before the final closure of the Pont des Arts… Like any work of Street Art, everything disappears at a time! 🙁