Hong Kong – Bibo: the best restaurant ‘Street Art’ in the world

For some time, I have many requests by mail, Facebook, etc… about this ‘Street Art’ of Hong Kong, the Bibo restaurant, which would be an amazing place to visit absolutely!
I therefore went in my passage on Hong Kong Island, in the District of Sheung Wan (district of art galleries), not far from the Central business districts, Admiralty… in the heart of Hong Kong Island.

I had the honour to be received by the Manager of the restaurant, Arturo SIMS, who has welcomed me very warmly in this place out of the ordinary.

Indeed, the theme of Street Art is omnipresent in this restaurant, which makes it quite magical place and that gives the impression to dine in a gallery of street art.

Blek rat street art
Blek Le Rat / Restaurant Bibo Hong Kong

I took a few pictures to give you an idea of what makes the restaurant, but it must go to really feel the exceptional atmosphere of the place. It is just a dream to have a such decorations in a restaurant, whether street art amateur and purist, amateur art in general or even neophyte and curious. All walls consist of works of street art, or even the wall — the paintings are hung. But not only the decoration is 100% street art, but these works are signed by the most recognized artists in the world currently in the middle of the street art. Some such as Banksy for example have quotes of several hundreds of thousands of euros for most of their parts and quotations increase month by month currently, if not from week to week, so this button movement the world whole, art lovers, and general public.

Among these works, there is a very well known piece of Banksy: stuffed rat called ‘Banksus Militus Vandalus’ Banksy was placed in a room of the Museum of natural history in London in 2004 and which had made the headlines at the time. The rat wears a bag on back and has a microphone and a small bomb of paint deposited at his feet. A graffiti accompanies entitled ‘Our Time Will Come’. This piece just to it, could be valued at hundreds of thousands of euros given its history… 😉

Street art banksy
‘Banksus Militarus Vandalus’ Banksy’s / Bibo Hong Kong.

In the private room upstairs, that can be reserved for relaxed dining with friends or for a business meal very high-end, a piece of Basquiat dominates the room… Just superb. Without comment, unique in the world in a restaurant, even luxury.

Street art basquiat
Basquiat / Bibo Hong Kong lounge private.

Many books of street art lurking throughout the restaurant, on the shelves, tables, etc… everything is on the theme of art in general, toilets are decorated with pieces of street art on the walls, basins for hand washing are pieces of antiquity dating back over 200 years… In short this place is just magic. Invader is also well present… as usual 🙂 it is very cool!

Street art books
Street Art Books / Bibo Hong Kong
Banksy hong kong
Another book that trailed on a table… very cool!
Street art invader
Invader at the entrance of the restaurant / Bibo Hong Kong Street Art

JonOne directly painted on one of the walls a gigantic works… very nice also!

Jonone street art
JonOne directly on a wall / Bibo Hong Kong – Street Art

The kitchen is at the height of the place, very high range. Map of wines at the same level, with wines and champagnes from of the most beautiful regions of France, including.

bibo HK street art
Lovely bottles… Bibo Hong Kong Street Art Restaurant

In short, if ever you go through Hong Kong for a holiday or for work, this place is a must-see in the city, to discover and to discover your surroundings. This is a superb address to know, in a fairly quiet area. The door is very discreet, without no name restaurant above. Just tap on the sliding door and a hostess opens. Then, place the dream and magic.

If you want to just have a drink at the bar, it is also possible, every day from 17:00.

I would again thank the direction of sumptuous hotel have opened their doors to the Street journal – Art.Fr for the greater pleasure of our readers 🙂

For all practical information, you can visit the website of the restaurant here:

Address the Bibo restaurant Hong Kong – Street Art and luxury French kitchen:
163, Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Street art bibo
Bibo HK
bibo hk art
Yet books… Bibo