Gallery of Lions – ST Tropez

Street Art has the wind in its sails in Saint Tropez this season, with many galleries offering more and more pieces of urban art.

Among these galleries of the old town, the Lions Gallery starts to propose to the first season of works of contemporary art to trend Street s. We can discover including at this time a room numbered artist LexWhite, entitled 'The Martinez', of the 'Cannes' series. 

'The man' for LexWhite, photography and Street Art 60 * 90

LexWhite is a little known in Europe, yet french artist who sells his pieces between Street Art and Art Photography mainly on the Asian market, where the most important collectors and buyers are fond of this style.

The originals of LexWhite rates start at €250,000 per piece, but few parts are on sale each year and they are prized by Asian collectors just out.

On the other hand, the series numbered limited edition of 10 copies, signed on the back by the artist, are more accessible, from €25,000 per piece.

The Lions Gallery offers now a numbered piece of LexWhite, whose official website is here.

To contact the Gallery, you can contact them by email at or by telephone to the

The lion Gallery is located at 11 the Ponche Street in the centre of St-Tropez.

If you pass through St-Tropez, this is a good Gallery address to know! 🙂