Festival of Street Art in Italy – Italian Street Painting Festival Marin

Street Art Festival

This weekend on the streets of the city centre of San Rafael in Italy held the Italian Street Painting marine Festival. This Street Art festival, on the theme of the Carnival of Venice this year, brings together more than 100 artists of Street art. Among the artists, is including William Groebe, participating in this festival since he was 16 years old. Now 38 years old, he said ' I love this festival, it is a magnificent event and participate is awesome.'

There is a great interaction with passers-by and the public during this festival, this is what looking for artists who work generally isolated year-round in their workshops or night fleeing the crowd…

This event is very interesting to discover the magical world of Street Art to laymen and closer to the general public of this new art exploding in the world, the galleries, the auctions.

In this festival of street art, we can enjoy many styles varied, with even children who participate.

Thanks to the organizers for this sublime weekend in Italy! 🙂

Here the official website of the festival.