Amazing Street Art in Glasgow

Glasgow Street Art

Back in 2008, local artists were invited to liven up the city’s streets, painting everything from break-dancing puppets (inspired by the Beastie Boys) to famed landmarks.

Glasgow’s murals have been a real attraction and talking point over the years, the beautiful big designs brightening up the tired, old spaces and bare walls across the city.

John Street: Hip Hop Marionettes

You can find this mural is in the heart of the city center, a very popular lunch spot in summer and transformed into a Christmas wonderland over winter.

Ingram Street: Fellow Glasgow Residents


This mural it’s absolutely beautiful – it takes you a good couple of views before you feel like you’ve seen every inch of this piece of art. It really catches your eye when you’re walking down Ingram Street.

Dunlop Streets: Big Birds

Extremely beautiful mural that spreads out on two streets. The exotic air and electric colors gives you even for a second the sensation that you are at the Tropics!

Argyle Street: Argyle Street Cafe

This great piece on the busy Argyle Street depicts a number of wildlife animals, including an elephant, bear and zebra, enjoying a drink and something to eat,  it’s easy to walk by due to the fact that fits so good on the very busy Style Mile of Argyle Street.


Argyle Street: The Gallery

A former shop on Argyle Street was the canvas for this beautiful murals interpretations of famous paintings.


You can also see the beautiful art works in the video bellow.