15 Cities in the world with powerful Street Art

Street Art Error

We all know that graffiti is not the most loved thing – especially byauthority, but when it’s conducted by truly skilled artists and walls are used as a canvas it transform the city into a beautiful art.

A town can be dark and boring or dilapidated and practically falling down, but with a splash of street art suddenly it’s an attraction people travel to see. It’s more than a scrawl,   it’s a way to tell stories without words – and it’s amazing how people squeeze to see good street art – even if it’s risky for the artist because most of the time is not legal.

Now just have a look and enjoy these 20 cities featuring some of the best street art around the world!

1. London, United Kingdom


Street art varies from murals painted on buildings to intricate statues, such as this giant blue rooster.

2. Bristol, United Kingdom

3. Moscow, Russia

To be a street artist in Russia is not easy – the competition is tough but the murals and urban art they have created speak volumes, revealing another world tourists would never get to dive into in any other way.

4. Berlin, Germany

In Berlin you will find street art all over. Mentalgassi is one of the street art groups responsible for the unique art all over the city.

5. Paris, France

Paris is such a great city and place to by and it has more to offer – you just have to know from what angle to look.

6. Portugal

As you may know most of the street art is done illegal but a number of artists were commissioned to paint neglected buildings, and in 2011 there was an exhibition held to show off the collection of work.

7. Lodz, Poland

Przemyslaw Biejzyk and Mateusz Gapski, collectively known as “Etam”, have created most of the artwork graffiti in Lodz

8. Mexico City, Mexico

In Mexico City you will find  some incredible street art in, where public murals with historical significance have been a part of the city landscape for many years.

The graffiti art in Mexico City conducted for this project was legal; in fact it took 11 long months to gather the appropriate permissions. 9 artists, some local and some foreign, were then brought in to paint the buildings as they are today.

9. New York City, USA

New York is big city with some unique street art worth checking out.

10. Valparaiso, Chile

The safest, and most tourist friendly hillside neighborhoods include Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepcion.  The art here stands out as different because of how modern many of the pieces are.

11. Melbourne, Australia

The youth responsible for the original graffiti revolution were largely influenced by the graffiti found in New York.

12. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Street art is a regular form of expression throughout Cape Town, where some of the most highly detailed, and layered works of graffiti art exist on display.

13. Santiago, Chile

If you have road in Chile, don’t miss this!!! There are local guides that can direct to you to all of the most incredible graffiti art throughout the city

14. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Known for its rich art culture, Buenos Aires offers so much to see.

15.  Brazil

With just some splash of paint few communities have transformed into better areas with more opportunities, less danger, and more tourists.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Whole streets are alive with color in Rio De Janeiro, where street art is used to liven up crime-ridden neighborhoods.