Exit through the gift shop – Banksy

Extract from the report on Banksy that everyone knows but which is always nice to watch again and again… What artist! Today Banksy is recognized as one of the best artist Street Art in the world, and his works are very rare and snapped to each sale. Street Art is booming, most artists see their side climb from month to month, which is also the case of Banksy. Buy a Banksy is an excellent investment, a safe value. Even if some lesser-known artists at the moment will take more value in the coming years, Banksy also but his works are already very expensive currently… difficult to find a beautiful piece below €100,000, possibly much more depending on the works! Building owners who have the chance to see their walls by Banksy cover them to protect them immediately, as his works are rare and expensive. Bravo Banksy to have increasing Street Art at the same level as contemporary art. The art and Street Art lovers enjoy.

Note: there are a few Banksy for sale in France each year, some sellers or agents contact us priority when they have a beautiful piece. If you are looking for a Banksy, you can tell us your search via our contact form. We will contact you on a priority basis if an opportunity presents itself. 🙂